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For Max, 89

Max was a stud at 80
And Marion was his lady.
So far he's still in there pitchin'
With looks that are really bitchin'.
Not bad for an old Jewish zaydie

Copyright by Regina and Tony Immarco

On the occasion of MAX'S 89th birthday

[Sung to the tune of "HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL?"]

Five foot nine
Ain't he fine
He will think that's just a line
But we're all here for our friend MAX.

Talent galore
Never a bore
His poetry rates a very high score
And we're all here because of MAX.

As a father, grandpa, husband he wears many a hat
And at tennis, gardening and teaching he never fell flat.

So never fear
We are here
Celebrating another year
And wishing more for guess who? MAX!

With love from Jan and Ben

More to come...